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Our Expertise

We vastly rely on our expertise which we have earned by working hard and continuous improvement. We offer to our clients various types of services that can be used to turn their dream into a reality.

Civil Layout

This is the first stage of decoration process. The process refers to structural layout of carpet area with right detailing. It begins with measuring the length of the wall. Once the accurate measurement is acquired, we focus on drawing the sketches. In this stage we create the blueprint of the house so that the future decoration process becomes easier.

civil layout

Planning and Designing

planning and designing

Planning and designing are two different stages. Planning gives us ample opportunity to explore different ideas. We look around and plan out the right way to decorate the house. It is in this stage we decide where to place a table and which corner will be the right choice for a reading nook and so on.

Designing is the next stage. This is the implementation stage. It is in this stage we decide the type of furnishing and the shade of color that will complement your dream space. Designing a given area takes more than just hard work. It takes imagination and courage to experiment. We pride ourselves for possessing both.

Vastu/Feng Shui

You can improve the art of living by designing your home with the help of Vastu or Feng Shui. Whether yours is a small apartment or a mansion or a commercial space we can help you accomplish the inner harmony which is required for high quality living. Slight changes like moving away a table or placing a flower at a corner can do wonders. We will implement our hard earned knowledge so that you can live the life of your dream.

Vastu or Feng Shui can help you derive profit from your business. If you have a small business and want to expand it, vastu can be used to make the changes easy and quick. Our team of expert can decorate your office to enhance harmony and happiness.

vastu shastra

Sectional Elevation

sectional elevation

Sectional elevation shows the layout of the given space. It is in this stage each room gets carefully planned, dimensioned and structured. Along with floor plan, the drawing highlights different sides of the house, so that you have a better view of your home.

3D View

It is difficult to visualize images through someone else’s eyes. Due to this reason, we make an effort to draw the 3D floor plan to give a near perfect view of your future home or commercial space. Viewing our design in real color and texture will help you modify it for better decoration result.


Modular Kitchen


Your kitchen is the place where you create your culinary miracles. It is the space where you spend adequate amount of time every day. This space should be brightly decorated to provide comfort and harmony.

Whether you are remodeling your kitchen or decorating it from the scratch, we can help you out. We will review your ideas and turn them into reality by presenting a blueprint of the space before your eyes. If you still fail to visualize the kitchen, we will get it drawn in 3D. With careful planning we will turn your kitchen into a dream place where you can entertain your guests without reluctance.


When it comes to bathroom, you have numerous options. If you spend a day exploring the stores, you will find different of materials that you can install inside your bathroom. The array can be confusing. It is due to this people seek help from an expert when it comes to decorating their bathrooms. We also take care of other plumbing services that are required for the wash area and kitchen.

Our team of designers can help you make the right selection. We will decorate the dream bathroom for you using our unique ideas.


Electrical and Lighting


Designing a home is lot more than placing a pieces of furniture here and there or selecting a combination of different shades for the walls. Interior decoration refers to beautifying an entire area.

Lighting up the house is also a part of decoration. We ensure that your home is adequately lighted up with latest lighting devices. From your bathroom to living area and every corner of your commercial space, we decorate every angle of your home with proper lights.

False Ceiling

False ceilings are gaining fame with time. We have a team of talented individuals who can provide you high quality false ceilings. We not only design unique and beautiful ceilings, we ensure that you get your money’s worth. Our service is for the modern home owners who like to flaunt their elegant taste through their home decoration.

false ceiling



A beautiful home is combination of different aspects. From the ceiling to flooring everything matters. Yet, sadly, flooring is always an afterthought for most of the home owners. What they fail to understand is that improper flooring can ruin the decoration of your entire home.

We address all your flooring requirements. From the selection of the flooring material to the designing, we handle everything. You dream it and we will make it happen for you.


Painting your home is not a small task. It is lot like painting a picture. Color can change the appearance of your home interior. With right color you can make illusion of a cozy, small room. By using different color contrast you can make a narrow space look wider.

Yet, it takes professional approach to decide which shade will highlight the beauty of your home. We can use our unique sense of style to transform your home by painting it bright.


Soft Furnishing

soft furnishing

Soft furnishing is the best and fastest way of adding some color to the interior of your home as well as your commercial space. It is the best way of refreshing appearance without changing the decoration. By adding a stylish curtain, you can make a dull room look bright. Or, you can throw some pillows on the couch to add vigor to the living room.

We provide the simple and easy soft furnishing solutions for a perfect setting. Whether you want to achieve artistic disarray or just looking for a warm room to entertain guests, we can help you come up with unique decoration ideas.

Landscaping Designing

Designing landscape is not an easy task. If you haven’t done it in your life, you might be puzzled at the array of choices you will find. It is due to this reason, people should get in touch with an expert who can address your landscape decoration requirement and provide solutions.

A quick search in the market will reveal to you a number of DIY guides. Yet, every space is different and therefore, the landscape surrounding the space should also be different. Only an expert with experience can provide the right advice.

Our team will explore your landscape to create a list of your requirements. We make it a point to invest time on studying the sun and the pattern of wind. Depending on these, we design the landscapes. Be it the front yard of your home or the lawn of your commercial space, you need a well decorated landscape which will win the hearts of the on-lookers.


Exterior Designing

exterior designing

Exterior of your space is as important as the interior – may be more. People will take a look at the exterior of your home or office and will create an opinion of their own. This you cannot afford to allow.

For this reason, we advocate strongly for professionally decorated exterior. We assist our clients in evaluating different design options. It gives them the opportunity of considering various designs and come to select the one that suits their taste.

To design the landscape we help our clients to make a list of things that are required. We understand the value of money and thus we make it a point to opt for the right product for the purpose of decoration.

MS and SS Grilling

Steel is not used only in the industrial areas. You can use steel inside your home to decorate the banisters or handrails too. The same goes for your office space as well. Steel provides ample prospect. You can accomplish huge decorative features using steel.

We will help you create the structure of your grilling according to your requirement. In addition, we take care of the coating and installation of the grilling so that you can enjoy a perfectly decorated space.

s s grilling

Sliding Windows

sliding window

Sliding windows are popular these days. However, if not handled carefully, such a window can ruin the entire decorative effect. There is more than one type of sliding window design is available. Selecting the right one can be a trying task.

You can trust us to make the right choice for you. We will take a look around and pick up the right style which will add an extra layer of beauty to your residential or commercial area.

Wall Paper

Design your walls with style and elegance using wallpapers. With the right wallpaper, you can create wonders. However, hanging the right wallpaper is an art acquired from hard work and experience.

Our team of designers has the required experience in hanging wallpapers. They will select the right wallpaper for your home or office area and will help in hanging it by preparing the walls.

wall paper
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